Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat, Part 3579:
Sometimes, you can't really grasp the complete madness of the right in this country unless you go to where they live. For instance, right now there's a popular Christian radio talker in Tennessee who speaks openly about Barack Obama being the Antichrist. He has also read parts of Obama's race speech in the most heinous jigaboo-black accent you can imagine. And, for the most part, because he's local, no one gives a shit.

Then, of course, there's Rush Limbaugh, who is attempting to use his legions of epically retarded listeners to infiltrate the Democratic primary process and try to sow dissent in order to keep the virulence between Clinton and Obama going. He calls it "Operation Chaos," and it's something that would do the old COINTELPRO operatives proud. What follows is a long segment from a Limbaugh transcript because, truly, to comprehend the depravity and anti-Americanism of conservatives, you need to read it (and because it will be up behind Limbaugh's login wall soon):

"There are many phases to Operation Chaos. We are simply here in phase one. Phase one consists of operatives changing party registration, voting in the Democrat primary in upcoming states, as happened in Ohio and Texas in record numbers, looks like it will happen in Pennsylvania in record numbers, in this case voting for Hillary or voting for Obama to continue the bloodletting in the Democrat Party all the way through their convention, for this chaos to continue. However, the second and third phases of Operation Chaos consist of exactly what you have heard happening in Texas. Our operatives actually are being named delegates to state party conventions. The third phase of Operation Chaos leads to some of these delegates actually being named delegates to the Democrat National Convention in Denver. So you Democrats and you members of the Drive-By Media, you who think that Operation Chaos is ineffective and isn't working, remember this. When we get to Denver and the Democrat National Convention, and you look around, and you're a delegate, the person next to you could be mine. The person sitting next to you in your delegation could be an Operation Chaos operative.

"Let's fantasize for a moment about where phase three of Operation Chaos could take us. Let's say we get down to this convention and they get into a credentials fight, and all of the votes that have taken place up 'til now in the Democrat primaries are rendered meaningless. The superdelegates weigh in, credentials fight, all that goes on. Let's say that it comes down to a close vote, 10, 20, maybe 30 votes separating Obama and Hillary. Phase three of Operation Chaos makes it quite possible that my operatives will determine your nominee. It's quite possible I will be choosing the Democrat nominee with operatives inside the Democrat National Convention, covert operatives. Now, you might be saying, you Democrats and liberals and Drive-Bys, 'Rush, why are you giving this away? I mean, you're running a covert operation, you're telling us about it.' Exactly right, because you don't think that it's true, you think I'm making it all up, you think I'm smoking you, you think I'm just having fun, and, furthermore, you don't think it's effective anyway. You are wide-open vulnerable for phase three of Operation Chaos. I'm happy to tell you what we're going to do. I spell out what our intentions are on this program every day for 20 years and you haven't been able to stop us. You will not be able to stop phase three of Operation Chaos.

"We have several qualified information technology experts. They run our website, our communications, we are, after all, in the communications business. Several of our communications are, of course, encrypted to prevent piracy and theft. Those technicians, those specialists are working on an encryption method via mobile device that looks like any other cell phone or mobile device anybody would have to get encrypted messages to my delegates at the Democrat National Convention. This is being tested as we speak, and it will be ready in days. So even if you are forewarned, you will not know, and you will not be able to trust and you will not be able to confirm just which of your delegates in Denver are mine. Part of Operation Chaos. They will have been credentialed. They will have passed all the tests. They will have been to state conventions prior to arriving in Denver. They will have been briefed. They will be told how to vote by me, depending on their number and the closeness of the final vote at the Democrat National Convention in Denver.

"They will be able to receive my constructions via the encrypted hand-held device that nobody will be able to debug because nobody will know whose is encrypted and whose isn't. We will also be sending dummy messages to legitimate Democrat delegates, hopefully we can get some of the legitimate delegates thrown out, as impostors, phase four of Operation Chaos."

If you got through all of that, what you just gazed into was the black and vile heart of the right wing in this country: they are so goddamn afraid of losing in November that Rush Limbaugh has decided that the only to win is to not just play dirty (and potentially illegally), but for him to manipulate his listeners with tin-foil hat promises of encryption technology and other super-secret-spy-sounding shit.

It is a testimony to the desperation and animal-like stupidity of Limbaugh's listeners that they are honestly attempting to do this. It would be a testimony to the left's delusional view of the positive side of human nature to think it probably won't have an impact.