Media Motherfucker of the Week:
Bob Novak, for cowering like a bitch on Crossfire and saying that anyone who questioned the outing of a CIA operative was "Bush-bashing." Hey, you comb-over cock, if it’s so fucking meaningless, why’d you publish it?
Here's his pathetic whining.

Weekly Reason Bill O’Reilly Should Be Bent Over a Prison Bunk and Anally Violated with a Spoon :
Because the splotchy-faced fucker’s Fox website actually calls his pandering interview with Condoleeza Rice "hard-hitting." Months ago, O’Reilly said he wouldn’t trust the Bush Administration anymore if no WMDs were found in Iraq. What’s it gonna take for him to lose trust? Is Bush going to have to drink blood out of the skull of an Iraqi child? Or would that just be freedom of religion? Read the shame here.

Biggest Assholes of the Week:
The Republicans in the Texas Legislature. First they decided to hijack the redistricting process because evil Tom DeLay beat his concave chest and said, "Me want more congressmen," then they act like spoiled babies with shit-filled diapers and sanctioned the Democrats for trying to halt the power grab. The latest, including a fun allegation of racism, here.

Why Ann Coulter Continues to be a Cunt:
"There is no surer proof of Christ's divinity than that he is still so hated some 2,000 years after his death." -- from her September 25 column.
Yeah, and Jesus just loved horse-faced blondes who flash leg in order to get attention. The Rude Pundit wouldn't fuck her with Rush Limbaugh's tiny, limp penis.
Read here at risk to your blood pressure.


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