In Brief: Why the Religious Right Is Just Awesome:
From the Family Research Council, a lesson in how to rip out your enemies' entrails and dance with them while howling like rabid coyotes at a blood-red moon:

"Gov. Spitzer, who is hailed for his public dedication to strong ethics, has actually built much of his political reputation as a bully towards pregnancy care centers and pro-life organizations and as a champion of abortion-on-demand and NARAL. As New York's attorney general, Elliot Spitzer spent taxpayer time and treasure attacking those who aid pregnant women. Shortly after winning the governorship, he pushed for legislation that would have made abortion in New York even more pandemic while stomping on the rights of religious providers like Catholic hospitals. In his time of need now he will likely turn toward his family; it's a great sorrow that so much of his career has rested on vicious attacks on family values."

Forgiveness and charity is for wusses, motherfuckers, FRC President Tony "Lookit Me, Ma; I's on the Lou Dobbs" Perkins says. Time to gorge on the meat of the fallen. Time to twist that knife a little more.

Somewhere in the sky, Jesus slapped his bruised forehead once again, with Mary telling him, "You know, you really oughta let that heal at some point."

Jesus just gave her a look that said, "Yeah, like, when?"