Photos That Were Sadly Inevitable (With a Few Notes Regarding Last Night):

That's the official White House photo of John McCain's arrival today in order to bow down before George W. Bush and receive the blessings of the man-child king. Two steps below Bush, looking up, his face turned more than the President's, McCain knew this moment was coming, when he would have to abase himself in order to get the graces of this wretched man before whom he has had to prostrate himself. Did McCain's broken legs ache as he climbed those stairs, old instincts telling him that this was one degradation too many? Or did he just keep pressing forward, his fortunes tied, through his own design, to this President, this Republican, and all that he represents, knowing that this walk had to happen?

Notes on Last Night:
Clinton won. Even though she'll only pick up a few extra delegates to cut into Obama's lead, she kicked his ass in the popular vote. Yeah, yeah, Obama supporters can comfort themselves with the fact that, until a couple of weeks ago, the margins for Clinton were vast gulfs rather than rivers narrow and wide; we can sputter, "But the Hispanic vote...but the 3 a.m. ad," and, still, we're left with the fact that Obama did not close the deal. Like a guy who can romance his way into a woman's apartment but can't get her to play "What's-in-the-panties?" Obama is left enlarged and weeping and wondering what tactic to try next.

The press is backlashing against Obama big time, not that he ever had the free ride Clinton whines about. As Politico said, "[R]eporters’ self-justifying mechanism kicks in when someone says they are being too tough. But their self-loathing mechanism kicks in when someone says they are being too weak." It was inevitable that the media would coalesce around bullshit Obama stories, but it needs to happen. Better now, you know, better now.

Okay, there's only a few ways this all plays out. 1. War, motherfuckers. Obama learns that going negative works, starting with, say, an ad about Clinton's tax returns. Clinton, tasting the sharp, smooth blood leaking from Obama, goes ravenous, trying to gut him like a fish. Republicans sit up and think, "Wait, a woman and a black man in a catfight? Christ, this is a dream come true. Let's pull up chairs." 2. Obama eventually folds to become Clinton's running mate with the idea that, after 8 years under her, he'll inevitably become president. 3. The least likely scenario: Clinton decides that, for the good of nation and party, to let the cool kids win and bows out.

That last one's about as possible as John McCain telling George W. Bush to shove his endorsement up his patrician ass.