A Reasonable Explanation:
You know, you see a news release title like "President Bush Discusses National President's Challenge," and a number of images come to mind involving Bush, short buses, large differently-shaped blocks with differently-shaped holes to put them into, pudding cups with flat wooden spoons, and lots of praise and too-tight hugs. But, no, this was about physical fitness, a "challenge," for certain, but not "challenged."

Bush made sure we understood how he's both athletic and imbecilic, in that charmingly oblivious self-denigrating way that really degrades us all: "First, I do want to thank the Chairman of this Council, John Burke. His business is to make mountain bikes, Trek mountain bikes. (Laughter.) I use Trek mountain bikes. (Laughter.) That's not why he's the Chairman. (Laughter.) But I like to exercise a lot. And I hope my fellow citizens learn to love exercise as well. It's good for your mind, exercise is good for your body, and it's good for your soul. If you ride mountain bikes, make sure you keep your eyes on the road -- (laughter) -- because sometimes you can go over the handlebars -- (laughter) -- which I have done."

And, honestly, on this Good Friday, as the war gets into its sixth year, as the price of bread and milk rise, it's as reasonable an explanation as any.