Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Sit Back with a Glass of Cheap Sangria and Toast the Skies:

Whatever time of day this photo was taken, there's something delicately lovely in watching the darkening skies devouring George and Laura Bush as they prepare to depart for the NATO summit.

Before leaving, Bush took a sad little slap at Congress: "Congress needs to pass FISA reform. Our intelligence professionals are waiting on the Congress to give them the tools they need to monitor terrorist communications. Congress also needs to provide liability protection to companies that may have helped save lives after September the 11th, 2001." It's as if the constant repetition of the word "Congress" absolves him from any role. As if his long shadow on the lawn represents anything more than his thinning presence.

The sky, though, yes, even though it is morning, is fading to black, a seemingly endless storm about to engulf him. Apparently God loves to provide a running, unironic commentary.