Late Post Today (and an Eschacon Reminder):
The Rude Pundit will be back in a bit with more moist rudeness, but in the meantime, enjoy this NPR report on some fundamentalists in the Middle East threatening and committing violence against those who don't follow their backward ways. Says an official of the town involved, "One of the problems with this group of violent fanatics, I would call them, is that they don't know how to handle when they have a disagreement."

Also, just a reminder: the Rude Pundit will be performing at this year's Eschacon in Philadelphia with a half-hour or so of almost entirely unblogged rudiosity. He will be opening for Hammell on Trial, having been preceded by whiskeyina and filkertom. He'll have opened the day, March 29, as a panelist at an (for fuck's sake) 8:45 a.m. session on "Comedy and Political Critique."

One does not have to attend the conference to come to the evening's festivities.