Fundraising Quickie, Day 2: Big in Japan? (Bumped):
(Obama speech post below)

This week, the Rude Pundit's doing a fundraising couple of days six months into his fifth year of tubing the Internets (man, that joke never gets old). Started yesterday, ending tomorrow, seeking to defray some expenses for upcoming performances, the Rude Pundit's playing the blogger beggar game.

And people from around the world donated yesterday. It's always a strange and wonderful thing to see where one is read. Last year, donations were big from Australia. This year, so far, Japan is the non-U.S. nation that loves the rudeness most. And there's been nary a hentai joke to be seen.

Yes, our dollars are cheap these days, but it's the only currency we got. Click below or on the side there if you wanna relieve yourself of a few of those souvenirs of the good times.