Note to Republicans: No One Gives a Shit About Hunter Biden's Business Deals

Yeah, Republicans and their right-wing media co-conspirators have tried to desperately rub the limp stories of the business dealings of Joe Biden's son, Hunter, into a full-on scandal erection, but that dick won't fuck this time. And it's frankly shocking considering the record that the GOP has in fluffing flaccid fairy tales into career-killing crisis cum. Just in recent years, you've had the Swift Boat Vets lies about John Kerry. And you had the decades of utter nonsense about Hillary Clinton, Travelgate to Benghazi to But Her Emails. 

Encouragingly, no one is falling for it this time. And that's a tribute to a few things.

See, Republicans succeed on this shit only when everything is going fine for most of the voting public (or at least enough of them to give the GOP the presidency and one or both houses of Congress). When, like at the end of the Obama administration or, arguably, the end of the Bill Clinton administration, the economy was swimming along nicely and things were relatively peaceful-ish in the world as far as it affected the United States, there's a sort of a mid-life crisis mindset in Americans, and a fear of complacency comes in, along with a bourgeois desire to upend everything for some fake notion of different being better. So we're more susceptible to the flaming shit bags that conservatives start leaving at our doors and that's part of the reason Republicans get elected president.

The sex scandals didn't kill Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992 because the country was tumbling into recession at the end of HW Bush's term. The birther racism didn't lay much of a glove on Barack Obama in 2008 because the country was on the edge of financial ruin and was in two wars that we wanted the fuck out of, among other shit. Now we're teetering on a depression, the federal government is actively making the pandemic worse and flat out murdering Americans, poverty and hunger are rising, domestic political violence is becoming more likely, and shit's just gone mad. Do you really think anyone but Trump's saddest and stupidest voters (and assorted, self-anointed purity lefties) honestly gives a single rat turd about whether or not Hunter Biden got a job because his dad was Vice President? 

But, like a blind drunk asshole frantically trying to jack his cock into a semi-chub so he can bang the first one-nighter he's gotten back to his place since the coronavirus hit, it's just pathetic and a waste of everyone's time, but that's not gonna stop Trump from making that his closing argument for his reelection: that Joe Biden is a criminal who profited from Hunter's deals. And since the Ukraine/Burisma stuff didn't stick, they're also going with something something China because they get to make it sound extra-scary. As campaign chair Bill Stepien wrote in a whiny letter to the debate commission, "Biden himself was mentioned as a financial beneficiary of a deal arranged by his son Hunter and a communist Chinese-related energy company."

One glance at the Trump campaign website, which I won't be linking to because fuck them, and you see article after article about Hunter Biden and China, about Hunter Biden's alleged laptop, about Hunter Biden and Ukraine (which, if you'll remember, Trump was impeached for going all mob boss to coerce Ukraine's president to cough up fake dirt on the Bidens), and more. You know what you don't find on the website? A single fucking idea for what Trump would do in a second term. 

With the Hunter Biden bullshit (and let's not even get into the bizarro fixation on mocking Biden's son's drug addiction, where it's like the GOP is trying to drive him into a relapse), Republicans have fallen into the Democratic scandal trap. See, if Democrats had impeached Trump for his mistreatment of migrants or his profiting off his presidency, that shit's easy to understand. "Here's a kid being torn from his mother who she'll never see again" is pretty fuckin' easily comprehended. Instead, they went with the complex machinations of Trump's relationship with Ukraine and the way disinformation spreads. Yeah, it was fucked up and Trump should be in jail. But the public didn't fucking care enough. Usually Republicans come up with scandals that are perfect for a bumper sticker and about as deep. This time, there's nuance, and no one's got time for nuance.

(Note: To reiterate, "no one" means "no one who hasn't permanently stapled themselves to Trump's ass.")

No one gives a fuck about China's investments in companies Hunter Biden worked for. And it goes further than that. No one really gives a fuck about the other shit Trump's tried to throw at Biden. Court-packing? Why the fuck should anyone think about that when they're trying not to die or lose their jobs? Higher taxes? Motherfucker, we're out here wondering if we need to hoard toilet paper and canned soup again to get a jump on the inevitable lockdown. We're wondering what the fuck we're gonna do with our kids' schooling when we can't afford wifi anymore. And Trump's out here talking about how mean the press is to him and toilets don't flush right for him. Who gives a fuck? The world's burning and Biden might actually try to put it out instead of pissing gasoline on it. That's all that matters.

And, yes, yes, it has to be said again, yes, another big fucking reason GOP fuckery isn't working now when it worked on Hillary is because 25 years of nonstop defamation, of dragging her for trying to get people health care or support women's rights, of seeking to destroy her for no reason other than to see if you can, of punishing her for daring to be a presidential nominee without a dick, aided and abetted by a media that has been contorted into a repetitive commentary stream because of Fox "news," yeah, all that worked. So we're on the verge of fucked beyond fucked not because of Russian disinformation, but because of homegrown motherfuckers in the media making it so that people believed Russian disinformation because it confirmed suspicious shit they had been told over and over on CNN and in the New York Times

Biden doesn't have that burden. He doesn't have that burden with the American people. And, more especially, he doesn't have that with the American press. It's sexist as fuck, but it's there. Trump thought he could run the same play as 2016, but the narrative that has finally taken hold is that Biden is worth the effort to unite and, with our votes, say, "Nah, not this time." And also, "It's really pretty fucked that you're making a big deal about a candidate's son. Wanna talk about your kids?"

Look, anything can happen come Election Day. Shit's so unpredictable now and we were burned so badly in 2016 that we're not allowing optimism to lead to complacency. Right now, Trump is like a torpedoed ship lurching to get to port before it sinks.  He's gonna dump his munitions to save himself. But I feel pretty confident that all he's got are duds. 

Except for voter suppression. That's what might fuck shit up.


Trump Has Faced Less Punishment Than Three Women in Mississippi Arrested for Getting Health Care for Their Kids

I can't stop thinking about this story. The Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration announced last month that law enforcement had arrested and charged three separate women for committing fraud against the state's health insurance system, which falls under its TennCare program. Two of the women, Nikki Carr and Nakina Brooks, face 24 years in prison for defrauding Tennessee for under $10,000 by using TennCare. The third, Nancy Smith, faces 27 years in prison because her fraud cost $24,000.  They were charged with multiple felonies, including theft of property through TennCare, and held on between $20-30,000 in bail. 

What were their exact crimes? What was so heinous that they may get decades behind bars? They live in Mississippi and were using a Tennessee address so they could sign up their children for TennCare and get them health care. Read that again: they were getting their kids health care. The "theft" was reimbursements to medical care providers. 

Let's put an even finer point on it. Carr and Smith live in Olive Branch. Brooks lives in Southaven. They are both in northwest Mississippi, right near the border with Tennessee. They are suburbs of Memphis. It's like someone from Pasadena going to Los Angeles; hell, it's probably a shorter drive or bus ride for the women to get to Memphis from their homes. The next nearest city is Tupelo, about an hour and a half away. Memphis is probably where they work. That's how it is when you live near a big city. 

I haven't been able to find out why the three women, none of whom appears to have known what the others were doing, took this route. But I can assume. Beyond the fact that Memphis has an entire medical district filled with, you know, hospitals and medical centers and more, Mississippi ranks at the absolute bottom of just about every measure of medical care. Tennessee's nowhere near the top, but it's sure as hell isn't Mississippi. And we're talking about health care for kids here. It makes absolute sense that the mothers would go to the best and most convenient place they could for their kids. Maybe Mississippi's Medicaid and CHIP systems are such shitshows that TennCare, which administers both and has its own problems, looked better. Either way, none of this should be an issue for anyone.

So we can look at this and go, "Goddamn, these cases are just another avatar of how well and truly fucked-up health care is in the failing United States." Like, seriously, the funds went to medical providers, not to the women. What fucking civilized country punishes people for wanting their children to see good doctors? The answer is virtually none. No other fucking rational country on earth would arrest anyone for this. And we're actually arguing over taking health care away from people, as an Amy Coney Barrett-infused Supreme Court likely will. What barbaric shits too many of us are. 

But we can look at this and go, "Goddamn, how shit is our justice system if Carr, Smith, and Brooks are facing prison for years for this?" And you can take that in all kinds of directions, like the ludicrous oversentencing of non-violent criminals. Or the criminalization of something that should be a human right, something so very Jean Valjean that there should be a goddamn musical about it. Or the way bail is even a factor here. 

Or perhaps, as you probably have by now, you're thinking, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. These women, at most, got Tennessee to pay a total of $40,000 for medical care for their kids. And Donald Trump..." And then you don't need to tell yourself anything more because you know exactly what you mean. Trump defrauded the government of tens of millions of dollars, if not more. He has broken so many tax laws and campaign finance laws that they could literally throw the law book at him and just charge him with whatever is on the page it lands open on after it bounces off his enormous casaba head. Three poor women probably don't stand a chance while Trump may very well end up paying a bullshit fine and admitting no wrongdoing. Hell, Trump defrauded people of millions of dollars for his not-university and he used his charity as his own piggy bank, and those hurt far, far more people than Carr, Smith, and Brooks, and he walked away with barely a scratch on his cheap platform shoes.

You wanna even attempt to make America great (fuck "again")? Then give a shit about how we've created a system that rewards such savage inequality. And, as soon as Biden is in office, demand we make it so health care isn't a fucking game of chance.


For Indigenous Peoples' Day: When It Comes to COVID-19, Native Americans Are Getting Screwed Over, as Usual

At a September 30 hearing of a panel from the House Appropriations Committee, the CEO of the National Council of Urban Indian Health, Francys Crevier, who is Algonquin, said that when it comes to COVID-19, "The state of affairs in Indian Country remains dire." Currently,  the rates of COVID for "American Indians and Alaska Natives are 3.5 times higher than that of non-Hispanic whites," according to the Centers for Disease Control. And "American Indians die from COVID-19 at nearly 50% higher rates than whites." 

In New Mexico, the rate was even more horrific this past summer: "Native Americans had a COVID-19 mortality rate 18 times higher than Hispanics and 23 times higher than whites," according to that state's Department of Health.  With 11% of the population, Indigenous people in New Mexico made up 53% of those testing positive for COVID. You won't be surprised to hear some in Indian country are comparing this to small pox.

Even those stark statistics are likely undercounting the true number of coronavirus cases and deaths. As Abigail Echo-Hawk, a member of the Pawnee Nation and the director of the Urban Indian Health Institute, has said, "The data is a national disgrace...How can decisions be made in the United States to prevent, intervene, and treat COVID-19, when you can’t even truly tell what populations are most affected?”

From the data we have, we know that the coronavirus has hit Indian country much harder than a great deal of the rest of the United States. The Navajo Nation has a higher death rate than any state, and things got so bad with new cases last month that the entire Navajo Nation has instituted curfews and weekend shutdowns. One Mississippi group of Choctaw had 10% of its 10,000 residents test positive, with 81 deaths. Most of Mississippi's Choctaw live in Neshoba County, and, "despite making up 18 percent of the county’s residents, tribal members have accounted for more than half of the county’s virus cases and about 64 percent of the deaths."

The traditionally underfunded Indian Health Service simply could not handle the demands of the pandemic. "It was absolute panic at first; everyone assumed N95s were going to be forthcoming, and pretty quickly we realized that, holy cow, the tribe doesn’t have the stockpiles they were supposed to have," said the chief medical officer at an Arizona Indian medical center.  The Indian Health Service spends less than half per patient compared to Medicaid patients. It's less than a third of what the federal government spends per Medicare patient. 

The CARES Act contained $8 billion in support for tribal medical care, but (as anyone involved in getting CARES Act funds can tell you) the restrictions in the law make it difficult to spend up front, which is what's desperately needed. "The National Congress of American Indians has asked Congress for $20 billion more in coronavirus relief funds, as well as emergency appropriations with flexible conditions," but even the Democrats' bill only contains an additional $2.3 billion specifically for Native American health services dealing with coronavirus. 

Think of the burden this adds to the lives of Native Americans in their nations. For the Navajo in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, many don't have electricity and a third don't have running water. Think about how this affects the education of the kids living there. Voting was already difficult; now, with voting by mail in places where most people just have P.O. boxes, it's become almost impossible. 

"Tribal leaders have reported to us that their nations, their existing systems of service delivery and infrastructure, are under a great deal of stress and are very close to reaching a breaking point, as they try to seek to maintain the status quo and increase essential government functions in response to COVID-19," that congressional panel was told by Kevin Allis, CEO of the National Congress of American Indians and a member of Potawatomi Community of Wisconsin.

This nation's ongoing failure to respect and assist Indigenous Americans is a disgrace that spans generations, administrations, and political parties in power. And, like with so many other things, coronavirus is revealing the cost for that cruel apathy. 


A Few Thoughts on the Vice-Presidential Debate (with No Mentions of the Fly or Pinkeye Except Here in the Title)

No, Kamala Harris did not do what we all hoped she would at last night's vice-presidential debate. She did not treat Mike Pence like a hostile witness at a Senate hearing and eviscerate him from tiny nutsack to tensely smirking mouth, bathing in his blood and gore as it poured out of him, a goddamned warrior queen unapologetic in claiming the spoils of her battles won. Fuck, we all wanted that catharsis, of seeing this smug Jesus-huffing hypocrite brought to his goddamn knees and begging to fellate Harris's strap-on before she soundly fucked him. We know we're not getting that out of any of the debates between Biden and Trump (if there are any more - and there shouldn't be), so we hoped this would be the brutal ass-kicking that this criminal administration so richly deserves.

Alas, it was not. But that doesn't mean it was entirely worthless.

First, there was a friggin' woman of color in a debate for the second-highest office in the land. That's some history book shit, and we should never hedge on celebrating Harris for that. In one of his more simpering moments of fake sincerity, even Pence said, "I also want to congratulate you...on the historic nature of your nomination." It was one of the only times in the entire evening that he was right.

See, what Harris did was clearly demonstrate, and even say, that there is no case to be made for a second term of Donald Trump. His murderous response to the coronavirus crisis proves that "this administration has forfeited their right to reelection," Harris said. And, frankly, there is little else that needed to be said. It should be that simple: if you fuck up this badly, you get fired. The only reason to support Donald Trump is if you really like cruelty: If you want more tax cuts instead of spending on infrastructure and housing and jobs programs and education; if you want to outlaw abortion and send women to their deaths; if you want to take health care away from people at all, let alone during a pandemic; if you want to end the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Harris hammered Pence on the rank incompetence and savage indifference and wanton evil of the Trump administration, especially when it came to the pandemic. What answer is there to "Whatever the vice president is claiming the administration has done, clearly, it hasn’t worked, when you’re looking at over 210,000 dead bodies in our country"? The right response is "You know what? You're correct. We fucked it all up." 

Instead, Pence offered platitudes about "the American people," saying repeatedly that "the American people" support Trump, even though he hasn't broken 45% approval since he was first inaugurated, or that "the American people know that this is a president who has put the health of America first," when 65% say that Trump failed in the COVID response and he's lost support since he got the goddamn virus, or that "Obamacare was a disaster, and the American people remember it well," even though 62% say they support the Affordable Care Act. It's almost as if the only people Pence considers "American" are the ones who blindly follow Donald Trump, which, of course, is absolutely what the whole administration and the Republican Party believe.

Harris had some really great moments of pointing out how Trump and his gang are just a bunch of dolts bumblefucking in the dark through every crisis and creating ones of their own. "There is a weird obsession that President Trump has had with getting rid of whatever accomplishment was achieved by President Obama and Vice President Biden," she said, which might have been the first time a lot of people who aren't living on Twitter thought about that idea, that it's the one and only goal that Trump has ever had in office besides soothing his ego and his greed. 

And the other thing Harris offered that Pence did not and could not was plans for the future, a vision for what a Biden administration would do when it comes to the pandemic and health care and jobs and taxes and a whole bunch of stuff. Yeah, it was sloganeering with no depth during the debate, but that's the way our modern bullshit debates go. Head over to the website for details. 

In contrast, Pence had no goddamn plans for a second term, no goddamn hopes or dreams or ideas, because Trump is bereft of such things. He is a huckster who only exists for the moment when he'll say whatever he wants to close a deal and take your money. Shitty, ineffective moderator Susan Page asked Pence, point blank, "Tell us specifically, how would your administration protect Americans with preexisting conditions to have access to affordable insurance if the Affordable Care Act is struck down?" And, of course, Pence didn't even attempt to answer. Earlier he had said they have a plan for preexisting conditions, but, as I've said, they don't have a plan because if they had a plan, they could show us the goddamn plan. That's what it means to have a plan. 

Pence was a sexist, preening dick, lying through his pursed lips as he refused to abide by any of the rules of the debate. We should never forget that Mike Pence is an awful human being in general, a right-wing talk radio host who said that LGBT people don't deserve civil rights, that biblical law is more important than secular law, and that the cartoon Mulan is liberal propaganda. When he was the terrible governor of the terrible state of Indiana, he refused to allow a needle exchange in a town that was having an HIV outbreak for two months and then he prayed on it before he agreed to a small program. Pete Buttigieg absolutely destroyed him to a stunned Fox "news" anchor just yesterday, asking why a supposed evangelical Christian would agree to run with someone who was caught fucking a porn star. That's because Pence is a fucking power-hungry piece of shit.

Harris had many chances for a kill moment, where the voice in her prosecutor's head must have been crying out, "Finish him!" She didn't because she didn't need to. No one was going to watch a man who looks like a diseased mummy speaking lies with forced sincerity and think, "Oh, he convinced me to vote for that orange trash can who yells at us all the time." Biden has the lead. She just needed to maintain, which she did, and demonstrate that she could be president, which she far exceeded the bar on. 

And let's not forget, as several women of color said on CNN and elsewhere, the double burden of her sex and her race meant that she'd be judged completely differently if she got her rage on with Pence. She could have easily ripped him to shreds, torn off his arms and beat him to death with him. Instead, her jabs of "I'm speaking" came across like a woman who was talking for all the women who are fucking sick and tired of men like Mike Pence, who see themselves as naturally ordained by God and/or their penis to wield power over women. She simply wasn't putting up with his shit, and she was saying that she shouldn't have to.

At the end, there was clearly a bitch on that stage, and it wasn't Kamala Harris.


MAGA Cretins Worship at the Church of the Manly Grifter

One weird thing that burbled up through the miasma of the coverage of a virus-shedding President Donald Trump releasing himself from Walter Reed Medical Center to go forth and infect others is a literal - as in what the word "literal" means - desire by some of Trump's most fervid fanatics that they be healed by his blood. As fucked up as this sounds, it's not hyperbole. It's not interpretation. It's what they fucking said.

Truculent doom gnome Ben Shapiro tweeted, "You think 2020 has seen its biggest twist? Wait until Trump develops the anti-covid serum using his own antibodies like Will Smith in 'I Am Legend,' and then wins 50 states," although he later claimed he was joking (which is what every conservative says whenever they realize exactly how deranged and dumb they sound, so kudos to wee Benjamin for his self-awareness). Donald Trump, Jr. came out of his coke-and-shame bender long enough to post a meme on Instagram that read, "Imagine this: Trump gets all better and donates his plasma to develop a corona treatment. And then all liberals will have to get vaccinated with Trump's blood." And there are other examples of the Trump blood cult revealing itself. Sure, an air of facetiousness, another tiresome "own the libs" trope, threads through them, but there's no way to separate the responses from what is an ever-growing worship of Donald Trump. 

A fetishization of his bloated body and his manicured, bronzer-coated masculinity is prevalent among the MAGA faithful. You see it in those homoerotic images with Trump's head on the body of Rocky or Rambo or some other super-soldier or a bodybuilder. (I'm not gonna link to them. You can google that shit if you need it poisoning your brain.) And you see it in the way in which the premature celebration over Trump's supposed defeat of COVID-19 is placed into a context of toxic masculinity: he is a man's man because he overcame a disease that can kill you.  

The fact that he hasn't actually beaten it yet and remains contagious and sick doesn't figure into it. The fact that it could leave him with long-term lung and other damage doesn't figure into it. Trump beat the virus, motherfuckers. He's the man. That's the message in MAGA minds. It's like screaming and shaking your dick at the heavens in triumph that your flight arrived on time and safely before you've landed and before you know if your luggage made it. Put your dick away and go back to your seat, sir, and put on your goddamn seatbelt. (It's not even a good analogy because if flying killed one out of 1000 people - which is where we'll be by the end of the first COVID year in the United States - no one would fuckin' fly.)

Look, the vast majority of people who get COVID will be fine. That obviously doesn't mean it's not dangerous. It is ten times more deadly than the flu. But it does mean that Trump's not special. See, when I recovered from coronavirus back in March, I didn't howl like a deranged ape at how mighty I am. I felt fortunate as hell that the roulette wheel of death and suffering didn't land on my number. I was humble because shit could have gone south easily.

Trump has made this whole fucking ordeal worse by degrees for the country because he sees sickness as weakness and mitigation as some kind of pansy-ass, feminine bowing to the virus. Wearing a mask? That's for pussies or, as Tomi "I Pointed a Gun at My Vagina to Own the Libs" Lahren said about Joe Biden wearing his badass black mask, "Might as well carry a purse with that mask, Joe." And some heinous New York Post troll on Fox "news" said, no, really, "It's incredibly selfish of older people or neurotic people who are timid and afraid and won't come out of their basements to confine children and young people to miss out on the most important part of their lives." Someone ask Rupert Murdoch to shake hands with Trump and see if he'll do it. 

Along those idiotic lines, Trump keeps saying that we have to get on with our lives and that "we are learning to live with COVID." That might be worth a discussion if we had national health care, extensive testing available everywhere, funding for schools and businesses to properly keep people safe, assistance for people who have to quarantine, child care assistance, and so very much more. If we had a compassionate society, it might be possible to live with COVID because we actually would be actively attempting to live with it, understanding that the alternative is overwhelmed emergency rooms and hospitals and greater death and suffering. 

But that's not what Trump is saying we need to do. He's not telling us to live with COVID. He's telling us we're just going to have to live with tens of thousands of more deaths and hundreds of thousands more sick with symptoms and who knows how many more spreading coronavirus to keep the spiral going, probably until some point in the future when we have a vaccine. In fact, today, by shitcanning any further discussions of a relief package with Democrats in Congress, Trump is assuring that we're going to have to live with death. Fuck you if you're poor and can't be given the experimental treatments he's gotten. Fuck you if you have a business on the verge of dying. Fuck all of us unless we reelect him.

And you know what? I'm sure we're going to be treated to commentary about how Trump the man really showed that Nancy Pelosi bitch who's in charge.  And it will become the next sacrament in the tastelessly-decorated church that the MAGA morons are constructing so they can pray to his diseased blood, his failing body, and his deranged mind. They can gather in their parking lots of worship with their red hats and blue flags to show their devotion. They can stand below his balcony and watch him wheeze in pain and believe that he is doing it for them when he is really doing it all, all, all for himself.


Donald Trump Is Sick and I Really Wish I Could Feel Good About That

You're gonna hear from a lot of people today imploring you to offer sympathy, thoughts, and prayers to President Donald Trump and Christmas-hating wife Melania since they have tested positive for COVID-19. You're gonna hear how Democrats should show how above politics we are when it comes to the human pain of our opponents. And that's all well and good, but we all have to make our own decisions here, and my initial response is "Yeah, fuck that."

See, there is nothing wrong with hearing Trump is sick and hoping that he suffers. It's a very human thing to do. We don't have to be better angels all the time. Frankly, it is wholly rational to me that when you hear that a rapist, racist, and con man whose evil and narcissistic actions have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the suffering of untold millions and who has torn children away from their parents while holding people running for their lives in squalor, disease, and torment and whose response to the suffering of others is apathy, if not a hope for more suffering and who has pledged to undermine the very nation and people he is supposed to lead, tearing them apart and wrecking their institutions just to assure he stays in power and whose entire life has been devoted to bathing in the misery of others, even mocking the ill and the disabled, and whose arrogance about the pandemic has left the nation battered and lost and who refused to follow basic medical advice, dismissing it outright and insulting those who did follow it, and did I mention rapist? well, I'm saying it again, yeah, when you hear that guy and his enabling, cruel wife are sick with a virus that might kill them, it's completely okay to say, "I hope you motherfuckers suffer." 

And, goddamn, I wanna be able to just say that and feel the warm glow of schadenfreude, the hot blast of karma, pour over me like oil from the supple, strong hands of a skilled masseur. But I can't. It's not that easy. If Trump had had a heart attack or a stroke or if he had gotten cancer, I could have easily gone all Nelson Muntz and moved on. 

Because, see, I think about all the people around him. Not his cabinet or any of his advisers. Those fuckers deserve to drown in their own fluids. I'm talking about the people who might have had the virus spread to them, like the staff at the White House - the people serving the president and his family, the lifers, the butlers, maids, and ushers, the people who bring Trump his Diet Cokes and Big Macs. I'm thinking about the people who work at Trump's Bedminster, NJ, golf resort, where he stupidly and greedily went for a fundraiser yesterday even after finding out that his aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for coronavirus. I'm thinking about the crews on Air Force One and Marine One, as well as Trump's Secret Service agents and members of the military at the White House. And I'm thinking about their families, their elderly relatives, their sick relatives. 

This is not to mention how much this whole goddamned debacle weakens a nation already weakened by Trump's abject failure to confront the pandemic. If both Trump or Biden get too sick or die, their party's nomination doesn't simply go to their vice presidents. The whole election is thrown into turmoil and, with it, whatever sanity the nation had left. It's enraging to think of how easy it would have been for him to have just worn his fucking mask and told others to do the same. Instead, he turned it into a political statement, a signal of alpha masculinity to go maskless. He deserves our endless contempt, yes, at the very least that, because of the contempt he has for all of us. 

Yet I can't compartmentalize Trump's suffering now from the suffering he's caused and from the suffering of the others he may have made ill. Every laugh at his misery is also laughing at their misery. If you can do it, more power to you.

However, I don't see this as a moment for a redemption arc in this terrible time we're damned to live through. Assuming he survives (since, sorry, most do, even with comorbidities), Trump won't come out of this changed and demanding action. He'll go on being the same vile cock he always has been. So when we destroy him at the ballot box, I will luxuriate in his pain.