Eschacon, Tracey Ullman, Etc.:
Just a reminder: the Rude Pundit will be among an illustrious array of practitioners of bloggery this coming weekend at EschaCon08 in Philadelphia. In addition to his participation on a panel on comedy and politics and after his performance of mucho new work on Saturday night, the Rude Pundit will be hosting a small, selective party in his room to discover which guest has the magic vagina.

Several people have written in to comment on how damn similar Tracey Ullman's mouth in the poster for her new Showtime series is to the cover of the Rude Pundit's 2005 CD. Yes, they are, similar, are they not? Mad coincidence? Or strange conspiracy involving pay cable, British comics, and an eagle-eyed intern?

Which makes this a good time to bring up that said CD, The Year of Living Rudely is available for download from CD Baby for $4.95. Not quite as timely (although some things are still frighteningly relevant), but still quite rude.