Fundraising: Just a Quickie:
So here's some updates from Rude Pundit Central. He's performing at Eschacon in Philadelphia at the end of this month. He'll be appearing in Omaha in May (more on that later). And he's hoping to schedule many more dates for the summer, especially heading straight up the sphincter of Red State America (which, to be honest, might be a great name for a tour). The long-promised podcasts will start next month with segments from the Philly performance.

All that said, the Rude Pundit's takin' this time, the 4 and a half year mark of rude bloggery, to ask fer some donations fer these upcomin' expenses. This'll only be a two or three day begfest, rather than the week-long crack whore-like panhandling of the yearly anniversary.

So, if yer feelin' the love, click on the button below or the one on the side.