Saturday Fun Away From Work: You Can Watch the Rude Pundit Video With the Volume Up:
Yes, some nellies at YouTube complained about the content of the Rude Pundit's "42 Ways Not to Have Sex With Ann Coulter," so it was put behind the log-in wall. Louis CK's "report" on Catholic priests being trained to "fuck little boys"? Fine. Katt Williams ranting about Michael Jackson's sexual predilections? Fine. Michelle Malkin in a cheerleader outfit? Fine. The Rude Pundit talking about not fucking Ann Coulter? Put up the content wall or the village will be burned.

So if you wanna go through the YouTubery, you most certainly can, and join in the love, hate, and "meh" of the comments section.

Or you can go through the original post at here at the Rude Pundit's place. Or at one of the other fine and rude-lovin' blogs that have embedded the video.

(By the way, the Louis CK and Katt Williams videos are goddamn funny. So's Malkin's, but for completely different reasons.)