Forty-Two Ways Not to Have Sex With Ann Coulter (A Rude Video):
Last week, when the Rude Pundit opened the floor for questions from readers, he got asked one thing more than any other: "Would you fuck Ann Coulter?" or some variation on that, generally involving a threesome with Michelle Malkin, drugs, dildos, or some unholy combination of all of the above.

That question is answered below, in a five-and-a-half minute burst of never-blogged rudeness and blow-up dolls (including the infamous Ann Coulter she-male) from the Rude Pundit's early 2007 show The Road to Rude (available for performance at theatres, corporate events, and sweet sixteen parties).

That's a sold-out audience of a 150 or so at the 2007 High Performance Rodeo at the One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Let's viral this motherfucker as an answer to this batshit insane idiot who thinks that Jews are just imperfect Christians (no, really) and whose latest book is sure to be the bulk sale runaway hit of the fall.

Feel free to embed this video or link to it from mighty YouTube.

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