If the Republican Party Falls in the Forest...:

What's fascinating about this photo is not just that President Bush and the Republican House members flanking him during his little hissy fit today are all white. It's that they're all white guys with the same suit and hair style. Seriously, this is some creepy cult-like shit. They had all emerged from a closed door meeting wherein, one assumes, Josh Bolten laid out the implements of anal violation if the Congressmen didn't hold the line on denying children health care and derailing any compromises on, well, fuck, anything. When a sad-eyed weeping man like John Boehner is faced with the prospect of the rough, unlubricated insertion of a ten-inch cold metal vibrator into his asshole, he will risk re-election in order to please his executive branch masters.

What's extra fascinating is that here we are, an hour or so after the aforementioned snit about Democrats in Congress, and neither CNN nor MSNBC have it featured on the front of their websites. Of course, Fox "news" has it. In other words, nobody but the toadies gave a flying ratshit about the whole thing.

And what did Bush say? Well, there was the canard that proposed spending is "skyrocketing" under the Democrats, which is opposed to the actual skyrocketing spending under the Republicans. There was this little tidbit, wherein Bush revealed what he thinks about SCHIP, a program that the president claims he supports, as long as it's limited to the just-above dirt poor: he says Democrats want "2 million people to move from private health insurance to an inefficient, lower-quality, government-run program." Is he claiming that SCHIP is such a program? So he supports such low quality and inefficiency for poor kids and their health?

On the war, standing next to the men who were responsible for funding the war for nearly four years of it, Bush actually chided Democrats for not giving the military the money for "body armor, and protection against IEDs, and mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles." You'd think that might have been a high priority in, say, January 2003. Or earlier. Oh, no. Says the prez without a hint of irony, "It would be irresponsible to not give our troops the resources they need to get their job done because Congress was unable to get its job done." It's a little like saying, after you've jacked off six times in a row, that it's your partner's fault that you can't get a hard on.

What was the purpose for this tantrum? To show he's relevant? Instead, he just seems more and more like a lonely tree tipping over in a forest where there's not even a squirrel to acknowledge the fall.