Four Years of Rudeness: Another Question Answered:
This week, the Rude Pundit marks the beginning of his fifth year of bringing the rude to the bloggy world. He's opened the floor for questions, and he's received an assload. Here's one from PreTzel of the great deal more polite blog Pretzel's Place:

"If you could sit down to dinner with Bush and ask him 3 questions, tell him 3 polite statements, and say 3 rude comments to him, what would they be?"

The Rude Pundit would like it to be a private dinner, maybe of hot dogs and ice cream, since the President seems to like that sort of thing, and he'd use his 9 chances thusly:

Polite Statement #1: "Dude, I got some tequila and Peruvian blow."
Question #1: "You want some?"
Polite Statement #2: "C'mon, you know you want some."
Question #2: "Blow or tequila first?"
Rude Comment #1: "Goddamn, that's a big ass line."
Rude Comment #2: "Don't bogart the blow, motherfucker."
Rude Comment #3: "Shit, leave some fuckin' tequila for me, bitch."
Question #3: "You had enough?"
Polite Statement #3: "Good luck at the press conference, Mr. President."