Right-Wingers Use Holocaust Hero To Bash Gore:
The Rude Pundit's sure that Poland's Irena Sendler, the 97-year old woman who, in her youth, risked her life as part of an underground railroad in her home country that rescued 2500 Jewish children from being sent to Nazi death camps, even being tortured and forced into hiding herself in the process, is an inspirational presence and lovely person. Without a doubt, she is a hero, one who was little-known outside Poland until some Kansas school kids did research about her in 1999. And she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year, a touching gesture to honor someone who did something huge 65 years ago.

And the rabid dog right-wing is holding her up as the poor little old lady who lost because big, bad Al Gore dared to make a Powerpoint presentation.

Unlike many conservatives, who will relentlessly attack, you know, a twelve-year old who was in a coma for daring to speak, the Rude Pundit will not in any way try to find out "the truth" about Irena Sendler, digging in garbage, spying in windows, twisting facts into real-sounding lies until he can say something like, "Didja know Sendler thinks Israel was a waste of her efforts and for most of her life her favorite sexual act was to get on all fours to be fucked in the ass by a masked man in an SS overcoat and no pants? She called the position 'Putting your Bergen in my Belsen.' It was the only way she could have screaming orgasms." No, the Rude Pundit's gonna leave Sendler alone.

But the pathetic right-wingers who parade Sendler around like a Schiavo on a stick, trying to show how corrupt the Nobel Prize is because it went to Gore and not Sendler? Those idiotic fuckers deserve nothing but contempt. Look at this bullshit:

The Media Research Center (motto: "Keeping You Stupid For Two Whole Decades"), in its article about "adulatory" coverage of Gore's win, says that ABC news "did point out a few of those who were pushed aside in favor of Gore, including Irena Sendler (whom ABC did not identify by name), a 97-year-old Polish woman who saved an estimated 2,500 children from the Nazi Holocaust." That's right. The MRC is saying, "How dare the news programs praise Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize when there's an old Polish woman who's never won." Christ, can't these fuckers on the right hold two thoughts in their heads at once?

Go down the fuckin' list: CNN's Glenn "When Is Someone Gonna Punch Me in My Balls?" Beck, some Fox "news" commentator (albeit a 2 a.m. one), random idiot columnists, and idioter bloggers, all have the high hard-on for Sendler because, well, it's easy to trot out a Holocaust hero to make a meaningless point.

The self-pleasuring taintlickers at Newsbusters went even further, taking the time to "point out some of the major media outlets in our nation that boycotted her nomination." What exactly does that mean? Not mentioning that Sendler was nominated for the Nobel. That's what a news boycott is to these semi-functioning infants, so enamored of their own feces-filled diapers that they are blinded by the piquant scent. The post even has this amazing line: "God bless you, Irena. For all I know, you saved one of my relatives." And for all the writer knows, his relatives stayed alive by narcing out Anne Frank and sucking Nazi cock. There's really a 50-50 chance of either.

By the way, do any of these shit-flinging monkeys see any irony in the fact that they keep talking about how Sendler was tortured by the Nazis in order to find out where she was sending the children? She never gave up any information, and they broke her bones. One bets that the Nazis thought it was a matter of national security that they find those kids. One wonders what Sendler, who also lived in Soviet-era Poland, thinks of "enhanced interrogations." No, no, irony is generally not the province of right-wing America.

Oh, and by the way, on the website devoted to Sendler? A note of congratulations to Gore and the United Nations group for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.