Four Years of Rudeness: More Answers:
As the Rude Pundit embarks on his fifth year of riding the rude, he's wondering if there's any questions readers would like answered. Today he takes on one of his most-asked questions: "Why no comments?"

And he answers with: "I've answered that one already." (Go down on the link if you wanna be satisfied.)

Loyal rudester Amberglow, whose very name makes the Rude Pundit get that feeling you get when you swallow brandy on a cold night, asks, "Have you ever met any of the bigshots, assholes, and turds you've written about? When? What was it like?" The Rude Pundit met a young Jack Abramoff, who oozed viscous sleaze even back then, and he shook hands and said, "Hello" to Ronald Reagan, and his hand still freezes at memory of Reagan's withered claw. There's been other minor players met and major speeches attended, but as far as gatherings where he might meet a bigshot, turd, or asshole, the Rude Pundit, alas, refuses to pay for the privilege to meet, say, Sean Hannity, and he's pretty sure he's not on Michelle Malkin's party list (although, c'mon, Michelle, you know it'd give you like a month's worth of writing to have the Rude Pundit show up at your joint, get drunk, and trash it. Think about it).

One time he was face-to-face with Dan Quayle; the Rude Pundit shook the then-Vice Presidential candidate's hand and yelled, "You're stupid" at him. Ahh, so articulate.