Four Years of Rudeness: Any Questions?:
This past weekend, this patriotic, humble blog turned four years old. The Rude Pundit celebrated by sharing a bottle of La Bleue absinthe with a pair of hot Christian chicks who find John McCain too "creepy" to be president and by fucking a gay Iranian dude who needed his identity affirmed, a twofer for everyone concerned.

Troll the archives. Discover how, unlike Tom Friedman, the Rude Pundit has never had to offer a massive, embarrassing mea culpa for making a huge faux pas like trusting an oligarchy of inbred retards with the keys to the gun cabinet. Wonder at how much more often the Rude Pundit was right about things than, say, William Kristol, with the added bonus that, unlike Kristol, the Rude Pundit can go to his grave having never run a campaign for Alan Keyes. And laugh, monkey, laugh at how the Rude Pundit can create insults that make Ann Coulter's cruel words seem like limp noodle slaps.

Two weeks ago, we did the money part of this whole blogiversary. Now let's do the audience participation part. You got any questions the Rude Pundit can answer? Email them to rudepundit at yahoo dot com (goddamn spammers). He'll answer a few this week as the fifth year of rude punditry gets under way.