Martin Luther King Would Fuck Bush's Shit Up:
And you know why? Because Bush doesn't know how to respond when presented with ideas of peace. Bush is like every rich frat-boy-redneck-wannabe-cowboy-wannabe-soldier who wouldn't know real ideas or real work or real suffering if he hitched it to his ornamental pick up truck. All he knows is "I gotta kick me some ass" because that's what he had to learn to prevent wedgies in New Haven and noogies from Jeb in Kennebunkport. So, like the slave who knows nothing more than servitude, Bush believes his own bullshit.

That's why Bush wouldn't know what the fuck to do with King. Like the whole counterculture, which has been reduced to used clothing and drugs, MLK has been reduced to "I Have a Dream," a speech that was so fucking radical at the time, in front of an America so ingrained with racial separation, that anyone who was really paying attention knew that King had to be killed before he really led America into racial equality, something that shook to the core any white person in power and any idiot backward ass country (or city) crackers who so feared black men fucking white women that they had to kill the black men in order to prevent the fucking and, to ensure those black cocks wouldn't have one last erection while the lynchings were occurring, they had to castrate the black men. Such was the shivering, pathetic fear of white America when King said he saw a time when black and white children would play together and people would not be judged by the color of their skin. For a society where the color "white" equaled privilege, white people definitely wanted to continue to be judged by the color of their skin.

So while everyone uses MLK day to decry Bush's recess appointment of the odious Charles Pickering to the U.S. Court of Appeals, not 24 hours after the near-riot that accompanied Bush's visit to King's grave in Atlanta, here we'll say that that is too reductionist of King's broad philosophy of peace and racial understanding. Instead, Bush's two biggest insults this week (because the full extent of Bush's insults to King's philosophy would actually require those riots to occur) are the immigrant worker "rights" proposal and the Iraq war. The former because, as a potential method of registering illegals, it creates a race-based second-tier worker status that is equivalent to South Africa's brand of old school apartheid, except with a little indentured servitude mixed in. The proposal to tie these new workers to an employer for three years, renewable, like a library book, will guarantee a disposable work force that will compete quite successfully with the poverty wages of third world countries.

And the Iraq war? Give the Rude Pundit a fucking break. Any reasonably well-trained beagle can see that a war based on lies, with anarchy in Iraq as its inevitable result, and a stripping away of rights for Iraqi women and whatever ethnic group is booted out of power as an added bonus (the smart money's on a Sunni ethnic cleansing starting in August) is a conflict for which King would be tempted to, for a moment, toss non-violence and smack the living shit out of the neocons. Here - read this and make your own decision.

But the main reason King would fuck up Bush's life in a way that'd make it impossible for Bush to continue to govern? See, the President claims that his most influential philosopher is Jesus Christ. Bush tells us that, but it's a lie or ignorance, like so many of this President's statements: just say something is so and it is so. King, though, in very public and very powerful ways, showed what it meant to live a philosophy based in the biblical Christ. And that, friends, is the meaning of today. Bush is a man of hatred in the guise of harsh love, like all fundamentalists. King said that peace is a hard road and honest love of humanity is rough, but it's the only path we can follow if we don't want to take the path to our own destruction.

Tomorrow: Iowa - who won who's going to lose the nomination in the long run?
Wednesday: the State of the Union - any self-respecting member of Congress should stay away. Like a sex partner who lies to you about STDs, stay the fuck away from the liar.