An Addition To the Brief Aside:
One thing that Paul O'Neill has in common with Joseph Wilson, besides the fact that telling the truth about the run-up to war has caused the Hammer of Rove to fall onto them: no one in the adminstration has said that they are wrong. Oh, sure, the two lackeys the Administration put out there to counter O'Neill offered an interpretation of Bush that shows him somewhat more engaged than, say, a sloth in a bamboo forest. But even when another lackey says, "It is laughable to suggest" that the President wanted to go to war with Iraq from day one, that is not a denial. It is, indeed, laughable to suggest that terrorists could hijack four planes on a single day and destroy and kill as much as they did. It's laughable, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. It is, in fact, even more laughable to suggest that someone like O'Neill, who really had nothing to gain by going public as he did, being realllly fucking rich, did anything for the sake of ego. But such are the laughable allegations from the comedians in the White House.