Does the President Want To Fuck Scott Reid in the Ass?:
This just had to be briefly noted: Scott Reid is a strategist for Candian PM Martin. According to Reid, when he met Bush at the summit in Mexico, the "leader" of the free world told Reid, "You got a pretty face." Now, the Rude Pundit has to speculate on what in the fucking world Bush was thinking. Admittedly, Reid is one handsome motherfucker, but is Reid a bit frightened that President Bush invoked the film Deliverance to compliment him? The line there, of course, from the hillbilly rapist to Jon Voight, is "You got a real pretty mouth," but, delivered with a hick accent and glint in his eye, there's really no difference between the sodomizing redneck and the President. Let's just hope Bush doesn't request that Reid squeal like a pig.