More CPAC, More Ann Coulter, From a Conventioneer:
The Rude Pundit was on the phone last night with a Republican CPAC attendee (really) who wished to remain anonymous. So, for shits and giggles, let's call this CPACa "Johnny." Johnny was at the big fuckin' orgasm of right wing jouissance known as the CPAC convention. It's always odd to hear someone not on TV or talk radio, but who is ostensibly a real, live person spouting Republican talking points as their real, live beliefs, but Johnny was all about the conservative agenda. Here's a few tidbits Johnny shared with the Rude Pundit - if anyone wants to confirm or deny this stuff, you know how to get in touch:

Ann Coulter had to be whisked away from her book-signing after someone barged through the line to take close-up flash photos of her. Her bodyguards stepped in, fearful perhaps that someone might not take the "raghead" and "faggot"-spouting cunt queen of the right as a comedian. The line of 300 or so slavering Coulteristas were left holding their sticky volumes of Godless without receiving Coulter's inky stamp of approval.

Johnny was upset at Coulter, saying that all anyone outside the conference would take from the gathering was that Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot." Unlike last year, though, Johnny didn't see anyone walk out on Coulter's speech. The Rude Pundit told Johnny, "Coulter's there to draw fire. That way other conservatives can say pretty harsh shit but they have Coulter to hide behind and say, 'Well, I didn't say "faggot."'" Actually, what the Rude Pundit should have said was that if it hadn't been for Coulter, no one outside the conference and Blogsylvania would have given a happy monkey fuck about the damn thing.

Johnny said that the general feeling about homosexuals was that they've lost their mojo as a big damn bugaboo. Mostly, people talked about the economy and security as issues they cared about. In other words, "reality" is setting into the right wing, even as Coulter slams the flap of the big tent shut.

Other random things Johnny told the Rude Pundit:
The panel that most impressed Johnny included David Horowitz and Tom DeLay talking about imitating the Democrats' 50-state strategy for grassroots campaigning. That would be the same panel whose very existence gives the Rude Pundit night sweats.

The Iraq war was seen as a fine pursuit, perhaps a little badly run, but, in general, well worth the expense (and, you know, the death and the maiming), and they'll be goddamned if we're gonna leave before "the job is done."

Oh, and George Bush? Well, Johnny said that conservatives are upset at how Bush spends money like a meth addict in a Sudafed store, but they're still supporting the President. Just not, you know, out loud.

Now enough of this bullshit. It's time to get back to real issues, like Walter Reed, U.S. Attorneys, and the fact that, as the Rude Pundit's said before, prison's gonna be hard on a man who lets other men call him "Scooter," especially when his last name is a brand of canned fruit.