Chocolate Jesus Wept:
The Roger Smith Hotel, under death threats and general zaniness by the whipped curs of Catholicism, canceled its gallery's display of the 6-foot tall naked Jesus made out of 200 pounds of ironically bittersweet chocolate. And filled with nougat that was gonna come out of the holes in his hands and feet.

Uber fucker William Donohue, him of the Catholic League (motto: "No one tells this Catholic how big Christ's weiner is"), crowed at the victory, saying he is "delighted" at the outcome but "not pleased" by how the gallery's creative director dissed the Catholic League and "Christians," who returned the favor by, you know, making very Christ-like death threats. And because nothing says "motherfucker" like a statement from William Donohue, he added, "Because we did not like the way the Roger Smith Hotel handled the decision to drop the display, we have no intention of contacting the 500 organizations that we alerted to this assault on Christian sensibilities to inform them that the exhibition has been cancelled."

Man, someone send him Christ's dick on a stick because William Donohue is a cocksucker.