In Brief: Why Jonah Goldberg Ought To Be Forced To Stare at Nude Pictures of His Mother:
Today, National Review Online editor and contributor to conservative whorehouse Townhall (motto: "You Don't Have To Say 'Faggot' To Hate Homosexuals") Jonah Goldberg writes a crazy-ass column about Joseph and Valerie Wilson. In listing the myriad ways in which the Wilsons are basking in their left-wing celebrity, like giving interviews (those fuckers) and getting large sums of money in book deals (that bitch), Goldberg hopes to impugn the Wilsons' integrity just before Valerie Plame Wilson speaks next week before a Congressional panel.

Here's the fuckin' deal, one that's been repeated again and again by people who, you know, think: If George W. Bush hadn't insisted on keeping the Niger claims in his State of the Union, if Dick Cheney and Karl Rove hadn't decided to leak Plame Wilson's identity, then no one would have heard a fuckin' peep from either Wilson or known who they were (beyond those who Joseph Wilson saved in Iraq back in the day). And they would have gone about their lives, with Valerie serving her country for the greater good (something that really can't be said about just about anyone in the White House). But, you know what? If someone fucked with your career, your bread and butter, and others wanted to make you into a hero and give you parties and put you in print for big bucks, wouldn't you do it?

Jonah Goldberg is just a vomit machine for all the right wing junk food being pumped up his ass.