Advice to the Bush White House: Why Not Pardon Scooter Libby? You Got Any Honor Left To Lose?:
Let us ponder Scooter Libby from the point of view of the Bush administration:

There you are, the Bush administration, now with nearly two-thirds of the public against your policies, with every morning bringing in more news about how every butterfly flutter of action in the first term has become a nation-wrecking typhoon in this second one, where you can't even trumpet moves on peace with North Korea because it's been revealed that you lied about its nuclear capabilities, where the VA hospital debacle threatens to become this year's Katrina, where the last Katrina is still this year's Katrina, where you've become so friendless in the world that you've had to blink on Iran (goddamn, how that must've made Dick Cheney's body temperature rise from the level of a hibernating mole rat to that of a lizard), where you can't even do a decent political purge of U.S. attorneys in order to install your own lackeys without creating a huge uproar among those fucking Democrats in Congress (here's a hint: don't fire a bunch of 'em in one day), where evil and rank incompetence are smacking together like flint and steel over a pile of dried-up newspapers, where all that's left for you legislatively is to try to keep shit from passing that undoes your work of the last six plus years, where any advances in your policies have to come from executive fiat or your much-abused (and, truly, untrustworthy) Commander-in-Chief status, where in any real democracy you'd be in jail, and where you know, at the end of the day, history's gonna portray you as making the Nixon and Harding eras look like the salad days of the republic.

So, really, and, c'mon, why the fuck not just pardon Scooter Libby after yesterday's verdict saying that the once single most important person to the Vice President is a perjuring liar? Sure, sure, Harry Reid can say that the President must not pardon Libby, as can many other Democrats, citing things like an "accountability" moment and that it would be a "serious mistake," but, Christ almighty, in the realm of the mistakes you've already made, Bush administration, what have you got to lose? It's not like anyone would be surprised by it.

You've sunk so low, become so openly vile and depraved and bloated and corrupt that, you know, the Washington Post could run a series of articles on how the toilet in the Oval Office washroom is made from the bones of still-living Iraqi children who are kept in the attic of the Vice President's residence because deboned children are easier on his heart and cock while he's banging them, like fucking a stuffed bear or a bag of jello, and most people in the United States would say, "Well, of course Dick Cheney fucks boneless Iraqi children while George Bush shits on their femurs. Did you think they didn't?"

Brent Budowsky, a former aide to Lloyd Bentsen, agrees with Harry Reid, and then says things like the "integrity of the judicial process" and "integrity" in intelligence information and its use. But using the word "integrity" in relation to the Bush administration is like using the word "witty" in relation to Ann Coulter. We don't expect integrity from the Bush White House. We only expect craven self-interest, ideology above reality, and unending crazy threats, to individuals, to groups, to nations. And with an unpardoned Libby perhaps ready to make a deal than facing even a couple of years in the federal pen, well, shit, any feints at "integrity" or "honor" would have to be shredded like so many documents before a Congressional subpoena.

So, c'mon, Bush administration, just get it over with. Pardon Libby. Would it really make you look any worse?