Late Post Today, But a Note Regarding Yesterday's Fox "News" Post:
Gotham City needs the Rude Pundit for a little while. Back later with more rudiliciousness.

In answer to a couple of whiny questions about yesterday's post regarding the Fox "News" website's home page headlines being nearly completely devoid of anything remotely related to news, listen, you wads of fuck:

1. It wasn't photoshopped. If the Rude Pundit were going to waste his time photoshopping a Fox web page, it'd have a headline like "Rupert Murdoch Raped By Angry Wallaby" or "Bill O'Reilly Eaten By Squid While Deep-Sea Diving For Loofas." Besides, who needs to make up shit when you've got this: (a screen capture from just a moment ago)

That coffin doesn't belong to any soldier. No, that'd be inappropriate. It belongs to Anna Nicole Smith.

2. The idea wasn't to look at the entire page, only the top stories or headlines. That's the shit that's supposed to catch your eye, no? Like the front page of a real, touchable newspaper?