Yee-Haa! It's Good To Have Cowboy in the White House!:
Motherfuck, gawtdam, and son of a bitch, if shit ain't blowin' up real good and purty over in I-raq. Here we are, one year in, one year from the big motherfuckin' Baghdad/Basra burn-down, the shock and awe, bitches, where craven pussy Iraqis would cower their brown asses under their brown mamas' burqas and shit brown shit out of their brown asses. Hee-haw!

Hey, John Kerry, you wanna campaign commercial? Here it is: where in March 2003, the Baghdad skyline looked like this, now, in March 2004, it looks like this.

It's goddamn disgusting to watch Bush, Cheney, and the empty zombified shell of Colin Powell traverse the country and try to act like they're so triumphant that monuments should be built to glorify Bush. Next thing you know, they'll be telling us to name our kids George or Rummy. Here's Dick "You Heard My Name Right" Cheney yesterday on "national security," which for some reason the Bush administration still insists involves Iraq. Cheney starts with the lie: "Had the decision belonged to Senator Kerry, Saddam Hussein would still be in power today in Iraq," a line which ignores the fact (and notice that word: fact) that Kerry voted for the war (spin that the way you like, but the fact is that Kerry voted to give Bush the power to go to war).

And here's the preening fratboy cheerleader Bush, talking a couple of days ago at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: "Now we're marching to peace. We're marching to peace. A free Iraq is going to help change the world. A free Afghanistan is changing the world. The world is becoming more peaceful." He was actually spouting this after the Madrid bombing. "Decorum" is something that eludes Bush. And reality, or facts, just keep bitin' Bush on his ass. One wonders if this is a photo of freedom. Or just another kind of slavery.

And, man, Bush shouldn't have pissed-off John McCain all that time ago, because he refuses to toe the line. On today's Today show, McCain, calling on a real debate over real issues that matter to real people in this election, said, "I do not believe that [Kerry] is necessarily weak on defense." McCain is a tough motherfucker. Shit, fuck running as Kerry's running mate. He and Max Cleland should run (and the Rude Pundit uses that verb euphemistically here) on the "Fuck You - We Got Our Shit Blown Up For Our Country" ticket. And just let anyone try at that point to say these guys are weak on defense.

One year on, and Iraq is limping along like a stray cur shot full of b.b.'s by little boys, waitin' for some kind person to put it out of its misery. But instead, everyone keeps pointing at it and saying, "Christ, that's a shame, someone should help that dog" or "See? What a strong dog, walking with all those wounds." Poor mongrel. No one knows what to do, so it'll just curl up and die.