Compromise? We Don't Do No Stinkin' Compromise:
The owners of Smith & Wesson, Remington, and other gun factories must have been sobbing in their martinis yesterday, comtemplating heading to Haiti to freely shoot darkies to get over the pain of the Senate vote. Oh, how sad a day it was, with the Senate Republicans having to sit there, in their house, motherfuckers, and listen as the Democrats and some wayward members of their own party strayed from the NRA/White House line and actually voted to amend the "don't-sue-us-we-just-makes-em-we-don't-shoots-em" bill. And what ridiculous, wacky, left wing, take the guns out of Charlton Heston's cold(er) dead(er) hands nonsense did the liberals put in the bill? An extension of a ban on assault weapons (which barely worked anyways), background checks at gun shows, and trigger locks. Those bastards. So Republicans killed the bill, with the blessing of the White House. And, strangely, in the insane world of guns and politics, this was a victory for gun control advocates.

Oh, but there's gonna hell to pay. The dickless wonders at the NRA, who have such small cocks that they only time they feel anything hard in their hands is when they're lubing their barrels, have threatened to keep score, baby, and unleash the hell of the yahoos upon those who crossed them, like, say, John McCain.

This is politics, Republican-style. The right wing of the party, like good fundamentalists, never see a need to compromise. And Democrats, knowing this, passed popular amendments that killed an awful bill. The Rude Pundit welcomes this show of balls on the part of the Senate Dems, even as that puissant little coward Tom Daschle humps the leg of the majority leader every chance he gets.

More tomorrow on John Kerry: a tall man can give a big ass-whuppin.