The Bush Superhighway of Exile and Gloom (an Expansion of the Superhighway of Economic Doom):
No stories of economic woe this week, but the Rude Pundit finds it fascinating how many people have leapt on the idea of abandoning the U.S. And considering articles like this, from the Wall Street Journal, about the use of the military in "domestic intelligence gathering," maybe, just maybe, it's time to make friends with a Canadian. With the usual editing, here's a couple of comments from readers:

From Charles: "My wife and I are two elderly parents in declining health who also fantasize about leaving. But where can you go to escape the wrath of the Bushies? Even Barbara Boxer is caving in. It is sad.

"We lived and worked many years in the post war FRG (West Germany). We could never feel totally comfortable with our German friends and neighbors in regard to the Holocaust. Why did ordinary good Germans let things get to to point where they lost control of what Hitler was doing? Now we are much more understanding. Also we see now why so many Jews and others waited too long.

And Mike: "Though I have a job and it seems to show encouraging signs of being stable for at least another year or two, I realize I'm one of the fortunate few. I work in I.T., one of those whose entire niche is being shipped overseas by greedy
Republicans intent on maximizing shareholder profit. Oh, of course these soulless little fucks package that as 'keeping our business competitive' or 'saving our company' - you wouldn't believe the pro-outsourcing HORSESHIT I have to wade through in the daily technical newsletters I subscribe to, churned out by pro-corporate whores intent on proselytizing to the masses on how moving American technology jobs overseas is a good thing for us all.

"Even though I HAVE a job, I've fantasized about leaving this country for the past two years; to relocate to either Canada or Europe. Not just due to the shitty Bush administration, but the shitty attitude overall in this country that's letting these assholes get away with holy murder. Yeah, there's a mobilized citizenry made up of smart folks who see what's going on, but when the bulk of the population are dumbassed reality-TV-watching NASCAR fucks with their noses firmly planted between Bush's butt cheeks because he promises them a crumb or two in the form of a 'tax cut,' well, I think it's pathetic that these people could allowed to cast votes in a system which might affect my life or that of my kids. I don't want their garbage conservatism, their garbage 'gimme gimme gimme me first, me me me' attitudes or their garbage religion being pushed on my loved ones - I thought that was the definition of freedom, but they seem to define freedom as not having to pay taxes, to be able to wave guns around and pick on gays and blacks and liberals.

"So, even for those of us who are employed the thought of relocating elsewhere thanks to the dumbing down of America - which the GOP capitalizes upon to remain in power - can be mighty appealing."

No vouching for the reality of these, but a comment or two here: The Rude Pundit has, indeed, thought about the possibility of abandoning the U.S. should Bush win re-election. He is not alone in this. And he's rather fond of Toronto. But, goddamnit, every time he thinks about it, he thinks, "No, fuck them. That's what they want, the cocksuckers in power. Just like back during the Vietnam protests, just like back during the civil rights era." The worst fucking thing one can do is run because then no none is left to fight for those who can't run. The Rude Pundit is a superhero, he thinks, with a cape and a strap-on, ready to sodomize his enemies and give sex fantasy images to those who watch while he flies above.

But, then again, the gut bravery passes when you read shit like this. And the election approaches, slowly, snail-like, with all the slime left in its wake as it inexorably gets closer. And even Toronto gets warm in the summertime.

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Next week: More Bush ads, more crooked lies. And "civil union" sounds so gay.