They Don't Call Him "Dick" Clarke For Nothing:
Man, the Rude Pundit wants to fuck Richard Clarke, the former White House counterrorism chief, now bestselling writer and whipping boy for right wingers everywhere. Not only does Clarke look and sound like Jack Bristow, uber-superspy on the TV show Alias, but Clarke is not backing down, unlike Paul O'Neill, who at the first sign of trouble retreated into lofty retirement. In fact, the Rude Pundit admires Clarke so much that he'd blow the old bureaucrat and take the chowder in appreciation of Clarke's devastation of the myth of George Bush as a great warrior leader. It takes big fuckin' balls to do what Clarke did, and those balls will get all the attention they deserve during his hummer of glory.

Clarke gets out there, tells his story in a book, Against All Enemies, currently #2 on Amazon, just behind Moveon.org's book about how to love America, and stands tall against the vicious, viscous assault and sliming by the Bush Administration and its lackeys. But Clarke is one badass motherfucker, someone who stands naked in front of the raging winds and gets a hard-on from the turmoil. Senate Majority Leader and noted cat killer Bill Frist gets up in front of the Senate, making one of those Joe McCarthy-like speeches that the Republicans are getting so fuckin' good at, joining fellow Republicans in calling for previously classified testimony by Clarke to be declassified so he can be shown to contradict himself. Clarke's reaction? To bend Bill Frist over the podium and fuck him like the Southern belle bitch Frist is. "Let's declassify all of it," Clarke threw down on Meet the Press this weekend. He even challenges house negro Condi Rice to open up the e-mails he sent her urging her to take his anti-terrorism plans seriously pre-9/11.

Of course that's not gonna happen. But it takes balls of steel and a cock of iron to say that. And, perhaps most frightening to those in power, it means that Clarke knows he's telling the truth. So, pussies that they are, the White House is not going to declassify anything other than what they believe contradicts Clarke's testimony (last paragraph of the linked article). And, now that the sideshow of getting Rice to testify under oath is over (she ain't gonna admit jack shit, just like Powell, Tenet, etc.), the Administration can get back to trying to destroy Clarke, calling him unbalanced, angry, vengeful, and, as Wolf Blitzer "reported," a little "weird" in his personal life.

The Rude Pundit doesn't care. Clarke can be crazy as a shithouse rat, ready to nuke his neighbor's dog for crapping on his lawn, and into fucking paraplegic survivors of toxic waste dumps. None of that means he's wrong. None of that means he lied. The devil, though, is in the media, and if they want to, they can turn Clarke into the crazy, dog-nuking, paraplegic fucker instead of a servant of the American people for over thirty years who simply wanted to save our country from those who disdain the freedom of its citizens.