Yeah, But What If They Are Crooked Liars?:
Once again, demonstrating that they have absolutely nothing to campaign on (and less and less all the time), the Republican party is shocked, shocked that John Kerry, in an "off-mike" moment in Chicago, said, "These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen. It's scary." Marc Racicot of the Bush/Satan campaign, in calling for Kerry to apologize, is reacting as if Kerry had said, "Goddamn these fucking Republican pig fucks and their horseshit-filled media whores who do their bidding are so full of bile and hatred for America, democracy, and the people that they would lie more than a 50 cent a fuck Thai hooker in order to achieve their goals of bloating their corporate largesse like so many dead pig corpses left in the sun until they burst and their fetid, putrid scent overwhelms all those around until they vomit endlessly. Jesus Christ, what a load of shit they have fed us, what a simpering little pussy of a leader, what bunch of hate-filled, evil, depraved motherfuckers whose idea of the truth is to create an acid bath of lies they can use to burn the truth out of the body politic. Who the fuck do these rat shit cockmongers who can't get erections unless they smell the burning flesh of brown and black skinned children think they are? Get Dick Cheney out here and I'll fuck him in the ass until his pacemaker pops out and I'll keep fucking his corpse until it falls to pieces and then we'll toss the pieces to the execs at Halliburton so they can burn it, burn it in Iraqi and Libyan oil, and send its screaming soul to the hell that created it. And who the fuck is this man, this Bush, this President, who believes he is so vastly superior to us that we shouldn't call him out on all of the vicious anger and repressed sexual frustration that he is imposing on this country? Christ, I'd love to shitcan this whole election and just whip the living shit out that little smirking fuckface live on pay-per-view. But then I wouldn't be able to wash the piss smell of evil off of my knuckles for weeks."

So, like, you know, if Kerry had said that, then maybe, just maybe, Racicot would have a point.

But only maybe. And if Racicot could prove Kerry wrong.