Could George W. Bush Be Any More of a Pussy?:
The Rude Pundit will be getting to the whole Richard Clarke debacle in a little while, but this article by Elisabeth Bumiller in today's New York Times cannot go without comment. In one of her "White House Letter" columns, Bumiller writes about George Bush on the campaign trail this time versus George Bush on the campaign trail in 2000. Mostly, it seems, he just has a ton of perks, like, say, Air Force One, with a new big screen television on board that gets ESPN (at taxpayer expense, no doubt). But Bush loves the comforts of his home. As Bumiller points out, back in 2000, while campaigning, Bush "brought along his feather pillow, complained about having to sleep in hotels and missed his cats. He wanted to be president, all right, but he also wanted to wake up in his own bed in the governor's mansion in Austin, Tex., and pad downstairs for the comforting ritual of fetching the newspapers and making coffee." And while Bumiller goes to some unintentionally (?) funny lengths to demonstrate how Bush likes being out among the people this time around, she says, "Although he is already traveling, eight months before the election, to two, three and four states a week, the president demands that they be day trips so he can be back at the White House in time for dinner and, of course, a night with his feather pillow in his own bed."

Okay, a lot of the jokes here are just obvious. It is almost impossible to read the entire article and not wonder if it was written for The Daily Show. But you can't make this kind of shit up. Now, the Rude Pundit is no Charles Krauthammer. He's not a Harvard-educated psychiatrist cum conservative lapdog columnistwho can make snap judgements about the sanity of politicians like Krauthammer seems so adept at doing (a la his comments on Howard Dean and others). However, Bumiller's article does seem to pretty much point out a couple of things that can be boiled down to this: George W. Bush is a pussy who needs his binky in order to sleep. He's like Leo Bloom from The Producers, who would break down without his blue blanket.

Seriously: how can anyone pretend, in any way, to be a tough guy terror fighter when he needs to be home to sleep with his feather pillow every night? Really, and, c'mon, what the fuck? How in any way, shape, or form can the Bush campaign attack John Kerry for his wealth and patrician ways when the President of the United States needs his wubby or he has a hissy?