The Filthy Prick Who Made the Planned Parenthood Videos Got a Love Letter from the Washington Post

In case you've forgotten, that self-righteous pisshole is David Daleiden. He's the dried cumrag who made the Planned Parenthood videos that are so filled with lies that no one can find anything wrong that the organization has done when it comes to sending fetal body parts to medical labs and clinics for research and, oh, let's say, fondue. You'd think that any coverage of him by any entity that refers to itself as a mainstream "newspaper" might spend most of the time telling you how he's a pathetic liar with a fetus fetish who tricked people and probably broke laws in order to discredit an organization that has helped millions of women and not a small number of men.

But then you haven't read the Washington Post profile of Daleiden, a slow blow job of an article that makes Daleiden sound like he's Seymour Hersh crossbred with Edward R. Murrow. See, Daleiden and his team didn't use selective editing to destroy Planned Parenthood because of a fervent anti-abortion agenda that couldn't give less of a shit about the truth. No, he "shed harsh new light on the venerable women’s health organization, capturing officials sipping wine while joking about abortion and appearing to haggle over the price of fetal tissue."

And you might think that the sentence "Planned Parenthood officials have long said that the organization follows all laws and that many women treasure the ability to donate tissue for life-giving research" would be followed with an acknowledgement that multiple state investigations, including in some very red states, have found zero violations of the law when it comes to PPFA. But the article does not do so. In fact, it does continue, "Whatever the outcome, Daleiden’s project has already exceeded the wildest expectations of antiabortion activists."

"Whatever the outcome"? There's been some fucking outcomes that prove Daleiden is a carnival barker trying to get you to look at the fake bearded lady.

The article ends with Daleiden speaking to Glenn Beck, which is some kind of summit of inane fuckery. Referring to one of the only doctors who performs third-trimester abortions - an exceedingly rare procedure - Daleiden says, "We were talking and kind of joking, laughing about something. And all of a sudden she looked straight in my eyes, and I saw almost a flash of light go from one eye to the other...and all of a sudden her eyes looked hard and mean and aggressive, and for the first time in this entire project, I felt actually afraid. On some level, we feel like that was the predator look or predator instinct that you see in someone who is accustomed to killing people."

Nothing else follows that. Really. We get the vision of the great white shark ob-gyn and not a single word about how Daleiden might just be insane and projecting his delusions onto the doctor.

Nice work there, Washington Post. A well-lubed vibrator couldn't have done a better job of servicing an asshole.