Meet the Filthy Prick Who Made the Planned Parenthood Video Lies

Check out David Daleiden, that smug, dick-nosed, jugheaded pissant, looking like what would happen if Ted Cruz knocked up a hairless rat. He's the guy behind the Planned Parenthood videos. You know, those totally lie-filled bullshit "stings" that prove that, with a little help from iMovie, you can make anyone obeying the law to the letter look like an evil live baby dissector. And, apparently, you can give craven conservative politicians another reason to try to shut down the government.

Daleiden was interviewed by Politico this week, and he's just as odious and self-righteous a little fuck as you'd expect him to be.  Talking about Deb Nucatola, PPFA's highly-regarded senior director of medical services who appears on the videos after being recorded secretly, Daleiden says, "Right before this project came out, I had a Mass said for her." You can be sure that will ease Nucatola's mind, especially since the woman who has spent her professional life caring for women and helping to advance medical research has been getting death threats in the wake of the videos' release.

Oh, wait. Cockknob has a response to all the people who want to see Planned Parenthood employees murdered: "I’d argue that nobody is actually more concerned for their safety and their future happiness than we are." And you can bet that this simpleton, this delusional shitstain who probably spends his evenings jacking off to gay crucifixion porn (yeah, that's a thing) meant that he's concerned about their immortal souls, not the fact that there are armed yahoos who would gun them down.

Daleiden insists he broke no laws by registering his totally fake organization as a non-profit and tricking people into being on the videos. "I’ve always said and I continue to maintain that the Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work," he says. We shall see, since two courts have ruled that Daleiden must turn over all his videos and documents in lawsuits against him and his "Center."

Of course, calling this "journalism" is a little like calling Santa Claus "real." Sure, you can tell the children Santa leaves presents, but kids are dumb and credulous creatures and we'd never let them be able to make decisions for us grown-ups.

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