At Night, the Pig Fuckers Come Out to Play: The Conservative Alternate Universe Benghazi Hearing Reactions

The Rude Pundit will have lots to say tomorrow about Hillary Clinton's Benghazathon 2015. But before you go to bed tonight, you should know that the scabby pig fuckers of the right have some opinions, too. You can tell by the fronts of their websites of righteous douchery. You look at them and wonder, "Did we watch the same hearing? Because that's not what really happened."

For instance, here's Breitbart.com, which focuses in on the important details - whether or not Clinton improperly blamed the attack on a YouTube video in the immediate aftermath of the violence. You might think that security matters would be more important than figuring out if Susan Rice knowingly lied to some Sunday talking heads, but, fuck you, Libya lover:

Over at Glenn Beck's Internet Bedpan, The Blaze, sweaty backwoods inbred piglet Trey Gowdy was the star of the show:

The conservative latrine hole known as RedState apparently knows something that even Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to know except you know she totally knew it because some doughy right-wing compulsive masturbators said she does:

And, finally, over at The Daily Caller (motto: "Bros before prose"),  they're pretending like an innocuous talk is something evil because everything Hillary Clinton does is evil:

Let's not even begin to dig into the goat fucking being done by the barnyard rapists running for president on the Republican side.

The Rude Pundit has said it before and will say it again: Sometimes, he doesn't even think we exist in the same reality, like we're just dimensions, side-by-side, diametrically opposed, reality and bizarro world.