Ted Cruz Is Gonna Get the President Killed

This is from a fundraising letter from Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz, who looks and sounds like every fragged lieutenant in the Vietnam War (and who even George W. Bush dislikes). Cruz is fantasizing that President Barack Obama is a jackbooted soldier-cop who is beholden only to his own fanaticism (hence the "O" symbol instead of an American flag on the vest there) and who is going to take your guns, should you own some, and then, oh, what? Let's say skin your cat and burn your Bible.

Cruz goes from provocative to bugnuts pretty quickly. The email reads, "Friend, I own guns. I'm planning on keeping them. But there's a problem...Obama is coming for our guns." Then he promises that if Congress tries to stop the power mad leader from tekkin yer gunz, evil Obama will use executive orders to (and Cruz quotes Obama out of context here because full context is for pussies) "keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who shouldn't have access to them." Helpfully, Cruz interprets Obama: "Friend, by 'others who shouldn't have...them,' Obama means you and me." Which would be totally true if it wasn't totally untrue. Obama meant people who are mentally ill or have protective orders against them. But, still, really, at this point aren't most of the gun owners who support Ted Cruz mentally ill and/or violent idiots who probably shouldn't be anywhere near a metal fork, let alone firearms?

In another fundraising letter (because nothing fills the coffers more than causing pants-shitting fear in your crazy-ass followers), Cruz informs us that the Second Amendment isn't just about being able to buy whatever massive, unnecessary weapon your tiny penis compels you to buy. Oh, no: "It is a Constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against governmental tyranny — for the protection of liberty."

It ain't that big a leap to say that Cruz is telling everyone to prepare for armed revolution against "tyranny." And that the helmeted black Nazi up there is going to lead the forces of tyranny against the forces of gun-toting righteousness. And that he should be stopped before he gets a chance to tekk yer gunz away.

Ted Cruz's rhetoric is the kind of shitstream that gets people gunned down in a nation where people are gunned down for stupid reasons with depressing regularity. But now he's turning the President not just into the opposition, but the enemy, and then getting people to believe that they need their guns to stop an impending takeover by that enemy. It's a dangerous path Cruz is taking, but, you know, he doesn't give a damn.

He better hope that people don't mistake him for an intruder if he's going door-to-door to campaign. Those crazy fuckers are armed and stand their ground.