You Want the Rude Pundit Licking Your Ears During the Republican Debate? Sure, You Do

Tonight, the Rude Pundit and loyal compatriot Jeff Kreisler will be doing the Rabble.tv thing during the Republican debate, aka "The Trump/Carson Follies."

We'll be live and sarcastic, commenting as the debate occurs on CNBC.  You just listen to us in one ear and watch the debate on the TV or online. It's like Lee and Jeff are pleasuring you while you wonder how Chris Christie's pants stay up.

Also, the Rude Pundit can promise that his acid-dropping Ben Carson will be appearing. And all the sound hitches last debate? That'll be gone.

You can listen for free with no problem at all on Rabble's easy-to-use site. And, if you want to be able to comment to us during the debate, just sign up for a free account. Free, motherfuckers, all of it.  We'll read some of your comments on the air.

Join us. It's the only way to stay sane during an orgy of insanity.