In Brief: Black Sheriff Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters "Subversives" and Terrorists

So Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, newest black darling of the right, went on Twitter, the social media of the damned, to say, "Before long, Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS to being down our legal constituted republic. You heard it first here." Now while "being" probably means "bring," you can be sure that "Lies" instead of "Lives" was an intentional, oh-so-un-PC pun.

Clarke responded to his own tweet with this: "I have been right on every call I have made about these subversives. I will be right again.".

The Rude Pundit thought, "Huh. This sounds familiar." So he did two minutes of googling and found this:.


That's a video of Martin Luther King, Jr., when he spoke in Milwaukee in 1965. His previous visit had been in 1956. Both times, he talked about the need for equality and racial justice in the city. One could argue, with very little opposition, that the only reason Milwaukee has a black sheriff is because of the protests and marches during the civil rights movements. This includes the NAACP Youth Council's nightly marches for fair housing, the riots in 1967, and the visits by King in Milwaukee. Where, as mentioned, a black man is now the sheriff..

Now, here's a flyer from an anti-civil rights organization during the 1960s. A version of it was around Milwaukee during that 1965 speech:.


It accuses King of leading riots and of being a Communist which, children, in the 1960s was considered pretty much the same as being in ISIS.

The Rude Pundit won't connect all the dots here. It should be obvious and sad, so very sad. And what should also be obvious is why conservatives and Fox "news" have embraced David Clarke.