Weekend Multimedia Fun, Part 1: The Wall Street Journal's John Fund Is Not Gay:
Below is the long-promised video of the Yes Men's Mike Stark confronting WSJ stooge John Fund at the "Defending the American Dream" conference in Austin back in July. The Rude Pundit told Fund and Stark he'd post it unedited, thus it is below in all it's crappily-filmed glory.

All the Rude Pundit will say is that, yes, as the person filming, he should have realized that the camera's mike alone would suck for sound (hence the helpfully-provided transcript by Stark). Let's add that because of the sound, the Rude Pundit did not realize that Stark was trying to get Fund to admit that he had gay sex with Grover Norquist. Stark was on a mission, and the Rude Pundit was there to record it, even if it ended up fucking up the Rude Pundit's mission. (Oh, yeah, and he was distracted by this hot chick walking by. You'll see.)

And should you get upset at Stark's O'Reilly-like tactics, remember: Fund's a dick, and he could have just walked away and didn't: