Fifth Anniversary Reader Shakedown Spectacular, Day 4:
Cash from France, from Japan, from Salt Lake City, from New Jersey has been pouring into the Rude Pundit's porkpie hat as it's passed around the crowd. No, people, this ain't no church. It's just a little slab o' concrete in the big city of Left Blogsylvania with a guy on a box and a megaphone. But right now - do you feel it? - it's like a cathedral of rudeness.

The Rude Pundit's celebrating five years of spreading the good word like a large-headed lesbian has to open up the legs of her lover. And he's raising money because, well, shit, there's software upgrades and research and vodka, really good shit from Poland, all of which the Rude Pundit uses to bring you your daily hit.

So give because it hurts so good, like the tenth or so slap on your bare ass. Click on the side or tap the fire down below:

The Rude Pundit's also answering your questions and posting lots of audio shit this week. If ya got a question, send it on to: rudepundit(at)yahoo(dot)com. Today's question and audio treat'll be up this afternoon.