Gustav Doesn't Give a Fuck About Your Anniversaries, Conventions, or Holidays:
The levees are being overtopped in a Category 2 storm. That fact alone bespeaks decades of criminality, apathy, ignorance, and greed that falls on all parties, all politicians, all officials. Remember: last time the levees failed because they broke. Now, the levees aren't even good enough if they do their actual, intended jobs. And don't listen to anyone say whether or not everything's fine until they show us. There's barges and ships loose that might damage the walls. Again.

All but one member of the Rude Family have evacuated across the continent, as their homes are in the path of the eye of Hurricane Gustav. The Rude Brother is staying behind, figuring if a little bitch like Shepard Smith can do it, so can he. The Rude Pundit said he'll look forward to seeing aerial footage of his brother waving on a roof. No, it probably won't be as bad as Katrina, but that's like saying getting kicked in the balls hurts less in the long run than getting punched in the nose.

With that in mind, there's shit that doesn't matter. Shit that'll wait until tomorrow. Here's a list of things the Rude Pundit doesn't give a fuck about today:

1. The repulsive cynicism of the selection of the obviously insane, stupid, and corrupt Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate, proof positive that Karl Rove is now running the show.

2. The Republicans supposedly showing empathy with Louisiana by canceling events at the convention and changing all the corporate-sponsored parties to "fundraisers," which, one presumes, means instead of calling something the "Exxon/Eli Lilly Drunken Lobbyfest with Whores," it'll be the "Exxon/Eli Lilly Drunken Fundraiser with Whores." The road goes on forever, but the party never ends. (Fun fact: The National Review was going to sponsor a Mardi Gras-themed event on the anniversary of Katrina. God, while mouth raping the soul of William F. Buckley, decided that was a stupid idea.)

3. John McCain being all mavericky by exploiting the tragedy to distract from his frightening incompetence.

4. George Bush and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin each trying to top each other for preemptive ass-covering rhetoric.

5. Riding around Minneapolis on Labor Day and being able to go to every store or restaurant you could go to any day of the week. Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your time-and-a-half.

The Rude Pundit's up here in the Twin Cities, where the Mississippi River starts to narrow. He's heading out to the unabashed and quite useless anarchy of the protests. The police are out in vicious force, not distinguishing between knuckleheads and nuns. He's got the ACLU's phone number in his pocket, just in case.

Starting tomorrow, reports from the site, including audio. For now, in honor of Gustav, the Rude Pundit's gonna go punch a Swede.