The Rude Pundit Answers Your Questions:
As part of his Fifth Anniversary Reader Shakedown Spectacular, the Rude Pundit is answering reader questions. Today's comes from longtime rude reader Daphne C:

"Why are you apparently so fond of sexual metaphors/similes/analogies? Ithink they work wondrously but I'm not sure I know why I think that. Why do you think they're so apt to compare to politics?"

Dearest Daphne, you think they work wondrously because when the Rude Pundit uses such an analogy, it sweeps you away into an incredible world of concupiscent possibilities, where the fucking can simply be the delicate tease of a cock rubbed against a cunt before gently, but firmly plunging in. Or where a Tom of Finland-looking motherfucker will fist your ass while wearing a spiked leather wrist band. Either way.

They work so well for politics because so much of sex is about who has power, who has control, who is giving it, who is taking it. Sometimes it's a socialist democracy, sometimes it's a fascist dictatorship, sometimes it's just tyranny of the titties. Wait...what did you ask?