Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Jug of Akpeteshie While Smoking Hash:

That's George W. Bush, the only president we've got, apparently in his role as Scar in a production of The Lion King that was done at the White House last night. The occasion? President John Kufuor of Ghana was visiting. And there's nothing a foreigner likes more than a bastardized and Westernized version of his own culture, complete with songs by Elton John. Look at that strained, patronizing smile on Kufuor's face.

One imagines that the state dinner featured white missionaries getting boiled in a giant pot while palm-frond-skirted, coal-darkened black people danced around, going "Booga-booga." Followed, of course, by Bush riding in to enslave the natives and sell them at an auction in the Rose Garden. Dick Cheney bought a half dozen and no one dared tell him it was supposed to be fake. They're picking his cotton today. Oh, a splendid time for all.

Banks collapsing? War still going? The Gulf coast once again ravaged and rotting in the sun? Circle of life, motherfuckers, circle of life.