Fifth Anniversary Reader Shakedown Spectacular, Day 2: Toss Some Change in the Hat:
Oh, people, people, don't crowd, there's plenty of room on the corner to hear that rude man tell everyone that it's all gloom and doom, motherfuckers, unless you take this world in your hands and mold that bastardly ball like it's Play-Doh and you're some kind of mad god with ADD.

It's been five years since the Rude Pundit rose out of the hinterlands of disempowered Idiot America to proclaim that the only way to take the country back is for rudeness to take its rightful place in the left wing. So, to celebrate, the Rude Pundit has put out the threadbare silk derby and asked for donations so he cna buy equipment, whiskey, and love, man, just love.

So far, people have contributed from Australia to Austin, in amounts surprisingly large and hearteningly small. Join the party by clicking on that Paypal link over there on the side, or right here:

And the Rude Pundit's taking your questions, about life, issues, the hotness of your favorite politician or media person, whatever. He'll start answering later today. You can send yours to "rudepundit(at)yahoo(dot)com".

Finally, this week, the Rude Pundit is featuring special tasty audio treats every day, part of the launch of the "where the fuck has it been?" podcasting he's been promising. Here's another clip from the Rude Pundit's March 29, 2008 show in Philadelphia. It's called "Naked World Leader House":
Note: A snail mail address will be up this week for Paypal haters.