The Rude Pundit Answers Readers' Questions, Part 2:
As part of his Fifth Anniversary Reader Shakedown Spectacular, the Rude Pundit is not just soliciting for bucks. Oh, no. He's invited the readers to write in with questions, selecting one or two a day to answer.

Today, we have one from across one of those oceans that don't protect us any longer. Rude reader Robbie from jolly ol' England asks, "What do you think (if anything) of British politics/current political figures? I have a (morbid?) fascination with American politics, but I can't really find any enthusiasm for the politics of my home country so it would be interesting to see if you follow things on this side of the pond at all."

Well, Robbie, if Keeley Hazell counts as a political figure, then the Rude Pundit is keenly interested in the UK's affairs. Otherwise, like many Americans, he is only selfishly interested in what you think of us. Or, for instance, what perverse twist of brain chemicals and blackmail made Tony Blair and George W. Bush buddies.

But this myopic view of the internal workings of other nations does mean that the Rude Pundit has followed how the British press and government have handled things like the war(s), Gitmo, and torture. In other words, he wants to see how badly we've fucked up your country, too, so he knows just what to apologize for when he visits.

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