Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Cover Himself in Lighter Fluid and Throw Himself on the Memorial Day Barbecue:

Bush is "comforting" Barbara Walsh as she receives a posthumous Silver Star for her son, Sgt. Benjamin Sebban. The Silver Star was for gallantry. One imagines Bush is trying to be gallant.

Sebban's gallantry was in getting critically injured warning other soldiers that a truckload of explosives was heading their way and then, bleeding and dying, being a medic, he helped the other injured (and, bearing the Pat Tillman story always in mind, one should perhaps add, "according to the President").

Bush's gallantry is to give Sebban's mom a hug. It's kind of like a boa constrictor thanking a rabbit after devouring her children.

Perhaps more later.