Hillary Clinton: RFK's Ass Was Capped All the Way in June, So What's Your Fuckin' Hurry?:
An analogy: Hillary Clinton basing her timeline for ending the current nomination process on the June assassination of Robert Kennedy is like a drunk guy saying he's got time for another whiskey because his girlfriend is busy getting gang raped in the alley behind the bar.

And someone really ought to point out to the Clinton campaign that the presidential campaign of 1968 was not a two- or three-year long process. The New Hampshire primary, the first in the nation, wasn't until March 12. Kennedy didn't even get into the running until March 16, 1968. By June 4, 1968, the date of the California primary that Kennedy won, a date that's four months later than this year's California primary, there had only been 13 primaries. Indeed, running until the convention was the only choice, especially after Kennedy was killed on June 5. By June 5 this year, every state will have had its primaries or caucuses. It's not that people were any more patient in 1968. They just didn't have a choice but to wait and see.

So, like, even leaving out the morbid fucktardery of the statement Clinton made and dealing with it on its alleged merits, it's deceptive and idiotic and out of context.

To Clinton's campaign and its supporters, who have been holding out for some gaffe by Obama that would take him down: How's that working out for ya?