Our Last Bush-Befouled Memorial Day:
One of the more viscerally disgusting things President Bush does when he spends a moment or two describing an American soldier who died so that one day the Mahdi Army can take over a chunk of Iraq is that he reduces that soldier to his or her time in Iraq, ignoring the fact that the soldier may have had one hell of a career. For instance, Bush's latest prop is Sgt. Benjamin Sebban. He's such a great prop, Bush has used him twice this week, describing him in pretty much exactly the same way when awarding the medic a posthumous Silver Star and gorging himself on Sebban's mother's grief on Thursday before mentioning Sebban in his Saturday radio address that no one listens to. That description is, more or less, this:

However, if you care to read about Sebban and what the people around him thought of him and his pretty amazing life in the military, you'll need to do that on your own.

It is just another of the perverse turns of this mad president's mind that the lives of the people slaughtered for his war are reduced to reflections of his own grotesque dementia.