Obviously Late, But an Aside Here to Anti-Obama Spammers:
Yeah, yeah, it's already late for posting. More later.

However, here's a word to some recent anti-Obama spammers who have been inundating the Rude Pundit with breathless "lookie here" crap about Barack Obama, sent to charming addresses like "douchebagsforbarack@fuckyou.com" or whatever and BCC'd around: Sending out things like Paul Krugman's columns ain't gonna change our minds. Do you think we don't read that? Do you think that we don't know that Obama voted for gas tax relief as a legislator? Do you think that we came to these conclusions about candidates without reading? Do you think we don't continue to read and question and re-affirm or change?

In other words, the Rude Pundit would be pretty piss poor at this whole bloggery thing if you were honestly surprising him. You got a picture of Obama enjoying getting fucked by Pat Robertson or some such shit, send that along and then we'll talk.