The Creepiest and Saddest Things Said Yesterday:
Sure, it's easy to knock President Bush for his "If I play golf, soldiers' families will cry" remark to Politico. That foolishness is easily disposed of with this from a year ago:

Seriously, dude, just fuckin' golf. And don't use the war as an excuse for your weak-ass follow-through.

No, instead, let's look at this truly creepy answer to a question about what he was thinking at Jenna's wedding: "I was thinking this is one beautiful bride, and Henry is a lucky man." The groom's lucky 'cause he gets to bang the beautiful bride? It's awesome that a man can sound envious over the fact that, later that night, another man is gonna place his penis inside the first man's daughter's vagina.

And the saddest thing? This line from Hillary Clinton's "White people love me" speech: "I’m also thinking of Dalton Hatfield, an 11-year-old boy from Kentucky, who sold his bike and sold his video games to raise money to support my campaign."

What would have been charming in, say, January is just pathetically depressing now.